All You Need to Know About Digital Screen Printing Machine

Screen printing is a centuries-old tradition. This business, however, has seen drastic variations over time. From an entirely hand-driven affair to a machine-run system, screen printing is still alive and hopefully will retain its identity.

The technological take on various businesses is quite a well-known phenomenon. It is surprising to see how technology has changed the shape of screen printing while keeping the soul alive.

The screen printing machine is a live example of this technological transformation. Screen printing businesses have thus catered to huge orders because of these machines.

If you are about to try a new venture, digital screen printing can be a huge success. This blog post guides you in detail about the digital screen printing machine and its working. Stay tuned!

Screen Printing Vs. Digital Screen Printing

Traditional screen printing is pressing the ink through a meshed stenciled screen using a squeegee to transform the stenciled design on the screen. This is a handy process.

Digital screen printing is only different from screen printing in terms of equipment. Digital screen printing is done with the help of screen printing machines of a different magnitude to cater to orders of various natures.

Screen Printing Machine and Its Parts

A simple digital printing machine has the following parts.

  • A slider
  • An ink blade
  • A cam-operated frame that holds the stencil and lifts quickly to accommodate the substrate.
  • A plate for the substrate

These are the main parts of the digital screen printing machine. Every other machine depending on its size and capability can differ in terms of added facilities like a conveyer belt, bigger substrate plate, and ink blade.

Working of a Digital Screen Printing Machine

Following the same principle of traditional screen printing, the machine operates as;

Load the stencil in the upper frame.

Add the substrate to the plate. In other words, add the material to be printed to the plate at the base of the machine. You can add paper, cloth, or other suitable materials. To adjust the printing stuff on the plate, you can go over the frame on the top for convenience and easy handling.

Add ink to the ink squeegee. The squeegee can be adjusted with the help of screws on each side.

Once settled, you can start printing by giving the print command from the computer.

More complicated and systemic digital printing machines can be entirely operated through a computer with less human interference.

Advantages of Digital Screen Printing

  • Utilizes less time
  • More productive than hand-operated screen printing
  • Works systematically
  • Errors chances are less
  • Most of the tasks are performed by computers


If you are looking forward to starting a venture featuring customized goodies, a digital screen printing machine is the equipment for you. Get a digital screen printing machine and soar high with your customized shirts, rompers, cushions, tote bags, and much more. This blog post has explained the difference between traditional screen printing and digital screen printing. We have also explained the working and major parts of this wonderful equipment.



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