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BestMixer.io – How to stay anonymous during bitcoin transactions

Those who care about their anonymity and safety, resort to using bitcoin mixers, but not all mixers are reliable. BestMixer.io is one of the most reliable mixers available today. Find out how the service helps stay anonymous during your bitcoin transactions online.

What is bitcoin mixer?

In essence, bitcoin mixers are services that mix bitcoins of their users. All that is required is to register at the mixer’s website, send bitcoins to the specified address, wait an unlimited amount of time, and get your Bitcoins minus the commission.

Thus, the trace of the chain of transactions in the blockchain is terminated, and you get pure bitcoins. And everything would be fine, but there are some nuances, to which one should be prepared:
• There is a risk of fraud on the part of the service. Roughly speaking, you send your money to god knows who and no one can guarantee that this person will return it to you.
• There is a risk of data transfer to third parties.
• The mechanism of the mixer is not fully understood.

BestMixer.io – a popular mixing service

BitsMixer is a service that helps restore anonymity to accumulations in the crypto currency. BitMixer is one of the most popular Bitcoin mixers on the internet with a large volume of operations. The service operates from 2014 and monthly processes 65,000 BTC.

The principle of the service is as follows:
• You make a transfer to the address of the service
• The service returns the transaction from its new address to your new address, not associated with any other addresses
• You can specify multiple return addresses
• You can specify a transaction delay of up to 24 hours inclusively
• You can use a special code that will prevent the intersection with old addresses when using the mixer

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