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ICO Catalog Reveals the Hidden Altcoins

Do you want to earn on something except for Bitcoin? ICO Catalog will help you. Ratings, charts, articles, and calendars were created to estimate coins in different indexes.

It seems like there are too many names of cryptocurrency on the market. Maybe it’s true, but it doesn’t mean one should miss the chance of earning on a new unfamiliar coin. But how to find the most profitable variant and not to lose money and time?

A service for investors

ICO Catalog is a website created in 2018. The main goal is to collect the data about Bitcoin and altcoins and compare them in different indexes. Evaluation, activity, potency, backlinks, messages, EAP, and traffic are taken into account. Users may choose the specific tokens and compare them.

Additional things

The rating published on the main page isn’t the only useful thing there. ICO Catalog provides visitors with cryptocurrency calendar where the dates of start and end are seen. As there are almost 300 names of crypto, it may be hard to compare all of them. So the authors publish articles about the most interesting and profitable tokens. If these 300 aren’t enough for you and there isn’t an ideal variant – create your own ICO and publish it on the website. Prepare a Whitepaper, fill in the documents and wait for the first investors.

The advantages of the service

– ICO Catalog shows alternative ways of earning which may bring even more money than Bitcoin.

– Every newcomer can become an expert after studying the website.

– The information is free and available no matter where you live.

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