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Push notifications: when to use them

Many companies care about how to increase user engagement and convince them to interact with the product. Push notifications are one of the most popular methods of communicating with users. But how not to overdo it and not turn into spam?

Using push notifications

Push notifications send a message to the status bar of the mobile device or the notification center. This is the default communication method for applications on mobile devices. They are thought to be less importunate than SMS as they are displayed on the screen without interrupting the user. Nevertheless, you should be careful when sending them anyway because the ability to prohibit the application to send push notifications always exists.

Push ads should be applied when something really important happens in an application, something that demands the user to act, or is a significant, time-bound, useful information. Examples are messages, reminders for specific tasks, new content in the application, and promotional offers.

When they should not be applied?

Like SMS, push ads are not suitable for info that the client will need in the future. They are temporary and disappear once you swipe to the left or clear the notifications. Messages sent via this channel are easiest to delete immediately after being read.

Push ads should not be applied for the promotion of third-party goods, even your application’s partners. Most likely, users will perceive such messages as obsessive and irrelevant.

What is worth taking into account?

Push notifications should be brief. Do not forget that the client will see them at the top of the screen, most likely, while being busy with some other matter, so it’s more efficient to make them simple.

Push notifications will allow you to be closer to your customers. They can be used to add calls to action to enhance the user interaction. For instance, instead of “Weather forecasters promise rain” you can use a more personal appeal like “Take an umbrella! It will be rainy today”.

Do not overdo it. Even though push notifications do not interrupt a user’s activity, they can’t be sent an infinite number of times. It is enough to send only a few irritating, irrelevant notifications so that the user decided to turn off the function completely.

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