Should Your Christmas Tree Stay After The Celebration
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Should Your Christmas Tree Stay After The Celebration?

Now that Christmas dinner is over, your relatives have left your house to go back to work, and the space under the Christmas tree is now empty since the gifts have already been opened. You invested skill and effort in the Christmas tree preparation but is it time to bid goodbye to this all-time favorite decor?

Many homeowners take down the tree and reuse them for other purposes after the holiday celebration. However, there are also some that want it displayed until the New Year. According to a report on Derby Telegraph, it is best to let it stay for a few more days after Christmas and remove it on the 5th of January.

You’ve spent hours in the Christmas tree preparation so letting it go just that may not be a wise move. January 5 is considered the Twelfth Night of Christmas and is considered as the final day of the festivities. It is also Epiphany’s Eve celebrated before the day of the Epiphany the next day or the Day of the Three Kings. This marks the day when “three wise men” visited the infant Jesus when he was born.

Should Your Christmas Tree Stay After The Celebration

It is also considered “bad luck” when these tree decors are kept on display after this day. If you are a firm believer in superstition, you might want to follow this tradition.

Recycling The Tree

After Christmas, the next thing that you are bound to mull over is letting the decors go. But hold still, as the tree can be a nice habitat to the community wildlife. You just have to do things right.

First, you may remove those holiday garlands or tinsel but you should not throw away the tree. All of its parts such as the trunk, the boughs and the needles can be a useful accessory in nature. The tree can work perfectly as mulch for the winter as you rather display it in your backyard. Doing so provides small animals like squirrels and birds with warmth and shelter during the rest of the winter season. The task of finally chopping up the tree still stars during spring.

You can use those small pines throughout the tree as decors that you can hang around. They are also great as squirrel feeders when placed in the yard. Then, turn those pine needles into house fragrances by collecting them in a sachet.

What If My Tree Is Artificial?

These tips may be for the natural Christmas tree but what if yours is an artificial decor bought from the store? If you displayed an artificial one, keep them inside a nice box with all the accessories and ornaments. Who knows, you may still use them next year to save on your expenses.

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