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How to move your office?

Below there are several recommendations from professional carriers how to better organize moving process so that it demands a minimum of efforts and time. However, if you are not satisfied with the advice you can always visit Socalmoving website.
Inform employees. Report when and where moving will be performed for everyone to be prepared for it. Show to employees the plan of seats at a new office. Most likely, people will want to pack a part of things so one or two days prior to moving supply them with a packaging material.
Constitute the time plan and accurately follow it. Designate the exact time of packaging of things by employees, loadings and unloadings, unpackings and assemblies of furniture, installation of the office equipment. It will help to control the course of moving and to quickly reveal mistakes or difficulties. 30 employees can be transported completely in a day, for 50 people at least two days will be required.
Constitute the situational plan. First, the plan of arrangement of furniture in the new place is surely necessary. In case of large-scale moving it is reasonable to divide office space into zones, and those, in turn, into squares. For example, in the case of the arrangement of tables, it is worth remembering that the person needs at least a meter of additional space comfortably to sit down or rise because of a table. Boxes of bedside tables move forward, as a rule, on 40-45 cm forward. Constitute the situational plan taking into account an arrangement of sockets.

Mark property. Introduce the general system of marking for all employees. To avoid confusion, professional movers offer the following scheme: department — the employee’s full name — the floor (zone) where his new workplace is located — the room — the number of a workplace. Don’t forget to mark a common property — coolers, printers, hangers: they are often lost.

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