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Nailmastershop – an official Kodi professional store

Nail artists and those who like making original manicure at home are always in search of a reliable store with acceptable prices. We’ve found a Ukranian website which offers a wide range of professional products, so let’s look what they have.

Product range

Nailmastershop offers a huge number of nail products. There’s a rubber base and top by F.O.X. and Kodi professional, a variety of different gel polish and related products (cleansers, primers, tips off etc.), brushes and manicure tools. Besides the mentioned brands there’re also Gelliant and Tertio goods. The choice is really impressive so we’re sure that everybody will find a suitable product in this store. Three phase gel kodi professional.

Paradise for Kodi professional fans

This brand comes from the USA. People choose it for the high quality and result which they get after usage. Naimastershop sells so many Kodi professional products that it’s hard not to put anything in a shopping cart.
Pay attention to the discounts. For example, if you choose a section with rubber base of the mentioned brand, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. All ten products are on sale now, so the Rubber Base Gel cost $8.40 and now its price is $7.60.

Save even more

The great news is that you can save more money by sharing the Nailmastershop link on Facebook. They’ll give you a 10% discount for the old collection of Kodi gel polish. There’s also a system of discounts which is based on a total price of the order, you can find it in a special section.

So, Naimastershop is really a good variant for beauty salon workers and manicure enthusiasts, especially, if they want to get high-quality products for little money.

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