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What Is So Special About Showbox?

Showbox is something everybody wants. Its popularity is growing non-stop. Why is that?
Simply because this is the top app for streaming movies and TV shows online. The best thing about all of it is that it is free of charge. Just imagine that you can watch anything anytime with Show box.
I think that was the main idea the developers tried to bring to life. They created the app and made the simplest possible version for the users to enjoy new videos without troubles of navigating or installing the app. The design is appealing and not too bright. The interface is very easy to control since it has only the main buttons that help you find the movie you are looking for and do what you want with it.
That’s why the installation is extremely simple. Get the installation file and run it. There is no need to register, fill in your profile or perform any other kinds of complicated settings. Don’t worry that you’ll forget the password or get spam from it on your email. There are simply no such things in this app. You’ll immediately get access to all the library has to offer. Enjoy various kinds of movies which are subdivided into categories for your convenience. Moreover, you can sort them using other filters. This is probably one of the best features, otherwise, you’d get lost in the number of movies after 15 minutes of browsing.
The app is also very convenient for people who do not have access to the Internet all the time. That’s because you are allowed to download the videos to your smartphone and enjoy them anytime later. If you don’t have enough free space to download HD movies, the app lets you choose the quality from the 340, 480, 720.
Another outstanding feature is the possibility to create lists and unite movies according to your taste and preferences. This is very convenient for people who use the app regularly.
In addition to the amazing features, the app can now work not only with Android devices. The new versions allow the users to set it up on other smartphones and even on computers. This brings the users a chance to watch HD movies on the bigger screen. Still, totally free, of course.
There is a function to share the desired content which comes in handy.
Get this app and find yourself in the world of movies that can take you anywhere in the world!

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